Our staff includes

Dana Sitzler, Associate Director of State Outreach and Project Manager of the Michigan Road Scholar Tour
Email: dds@umich.edu Office: (734) 763-4755

Debbie Schilz, Administrative Assistant Intermediate, Support for Road Scholar Tour
Email: dschilz@umich.edu Office: (734) 763-3109

Michael Rein, Associate Director of State Outreach
Email: reinm@umich.edu Office: (734) 764-8029

Dr. Veronica A. W. Johnson, Director of the Lansing Service Center
Email: veronicj@umich.edu Office: (517) 372-7801

Linda Scharer, Web Designer Associate
Email: lscharer@umich.edu Office: (734) 764-9256

James Kosteva, Director of Community Relations
Email:jkosteva@umich.edu Office: (734) 764-7901

Fleming Administration Building
6084 Fleming Administration Building
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1340
Phone: (734) 763-5554 Fax (734) 764-3316

If you would like additional information regarding the Michigan Road Scholar Tour please contact Dana Sitzler at (734) 763-4755 or dds@umich.edu.